The Second Line
Year 2018
Client Rosa Copado
Type Digital
Location Madrid
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The Second Line is a visual diary curated by the Madrid-based fashion photographer Rosa Copado. The photographer works around the whole fashion world with brands and magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, Chanel and L’Officiel, among others. Cárter Studio have developed the whole design and code for the Blog. The name itself, The Second Line, is a reference to the content. It ́s an alternative space that shows to the world different and more personal insights, separating those from the professional work.

The idea is to make a visual container where the photographer can show unpublished content, interviews with different personalities from the creative world, day to day experiences, travels or Art. The design has a simple, clean and elegant aesthetics; an extension of her photographic style. The line is a present element along the whole blog, also as a reference to the name. The narration follows a clear direction of visual imagery mixed with different types of text content such as body text, highlights or interviews.

Design Cárter Studio
Code Cárter Studio